Sunday, April 10, 2011

Waxing Nostalgic II

Our neighbors were an odd bunch. The morning after our wedding one of them knocked on our front door. She seemed nice enough. We talked for a minute or two until she asked us when we were married. I told her we had been married last night. She freaked out and said, "Oh my goodness, I'll leave you two alone!" My parents knew her from years ago and she loved cats. In fact, knowing she had cats in her "no pets allowed" apartment inspired us to do the same!

We never talked to the lady above us. She loved listening to techno-ish music and cranked movies on Sundays. That's my only complaint of her.

There was a kid in his 20's living next to the cat neighbor. He was...odd. He was on a lot of medication which may or may not have included pot.

Of course there were more people living next to us. These are the only ones we interacted with more than once.

Our apartment did not have air conditioning. During the summer we quickly invested in a fan or two in order to combat the stifling heat. Our cat would get so hot she would sprawl out on her belly on the tile floor in order to cool down!

Shyla saying "zomg u hoominz kneedz teh Ay Si"

Jessica and I thought about buying an AC unit. Lack of funds kept us from doing so. This, in part, helped us to toughen which allowed us to survive living in our second apartment.

These were the days of tin foil over the bedroom windows in hopes of blotting out the sun, thus making it possible for me to sleep during the day. These were the days of hospital stays and medical bills. Wait...those days are still upon us! These were the days of referring to Shyla as "my little Jew", seeing as we were hiding her from the landlords. These were the days of feeding stray cats and even catching one with a blanket (I let it go. His name was James) These were the days of adjusting to living with someone and of the usual first year of marriage fights (these still happen once in awhile, as they should)

Looking back I can see how hard the first year of marriage was for Jessica. Here she is in a new apartment, new surroundings all alone, at night, while her new husband was off working. Then I would come home and sleep while she was awake or at work. She's such a trooper for doing that for over two years. Never again.

On our fourth month or marriage Jessica was hospitalized for two weeks. The Logan doctors had NO IDEA what was wrong with her. In fact, one doctor was certain she had a STD. We still joke about that. I think those two weeks brought us closer together. I remember when she had an allergic reaction to a medication and her limbs were jerking around involuntarily. Scared the heck out of me! well as her nurse.

Seeing Jessica like that scared me in a way I'd never experienced. And I hope I never have to again.