Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Here we go again...

Jessica and I go to Petsmart each Saturday to visit the various animals for adoptions. She likes to visit the dogs while I, surprisingly, head for the kittens. I don't know why I do this. I would compare it to a person on a diet going to the bakery to stare at the doughnuts.

Now we have a two month old kitteh (I think she is even younger). We named her "Kaylee" from the character off of Firefly. Sweet and innocent...for the most part.

Shyla hates her. Hopefully things will calm down in a few weeks or it's bye-bye Kaylee.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

ai don't do "fetch"

hoominz sae goggies r smrt

but ai traynd mai hoomin to trow teh ball for meh

stoopid goggies

o rite
tis b wen ai wuz a itteh bitteh kitteh
lyk, won yeer ago

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Aaron and Jessica Plus 5 (without the drama)

One night at work there was a mouse running around the backroom. First so and so saw it, then another guy. Over there, now over here.

I finally saw the little guy running out in the open. I noticed how small it was compared to my huge ratses. Then I saw how it did a lot of things that the rats do- stand up on hind legs, sniff the air, wash whiskers with front paws, etc.

The next time a sighting was reported I did my best to catch the little bugger. I managed to do so, because I am awesome, without using my hands. I put the little guy in a box and showed him off to the coworkers. Some were screaming for its death.

I doubt I would have been able to kill the tiny thing before making the rat comparisons. AFTER that...no chance at all.

So I took him outside and let him go.

A week later I bought two pet mice.

The dark one is "Gus Gus" and the lighter one is "Fieval".

Shyla wants to eat them.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Job!

Yay for me! I have been hired by Dillards! I'll be working full time and getting benefits. Aaron is thrilled, even if it does mean he has to go to school come Spring. I couldn't be happier. I get to work with clothing and home decor, I get to help people, and I'll finally be contributing equally to this little family. Nothing is worse to me than being a burden. My dad always said "Whatever you leave undone falls to your spouse to do." I hated it when my health or my inability to find full time work left Aaron with the burden of our family's finances (and sometimes the house work too). Nothing is worse to me than feeling useless. I'm so excited to finally be an equal contributer to our well being! So friends, come to Dillards and see me! I'll help you find that dream outfit (on sale ;).

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rude Awakenings

One of the joys of working while others are sleeping is waking those slumberers in odd and interesting ways. I enjoy waking Jessica up in several ways.

For example- when Shyla was a wee kitteh I would put her on Jessica's face/stomach/arm. Let's not forget the run-in-and-belly-flop-on-the-bed. Sometimes I will throw in a flip-on-the-light-switch before ending with said maneuver.

I've done the whole "awake sleeping beauty with a kiss" maneuver. I find it to be a little too boring.

That leaves me with the infamous putting-rats-in-the-bed trick. To do this I take Velvet (she's more friendly than the psychopathic River) and place her quietly on Jessica's pillow. Velvet will then proceed to climb over Jessica's face/arm/bare flesh, which rips her from blissful slumber.

This video is not said maneuver. It is just funny.

And to think Jessica didn't like rats or have any desire to own one while we were dating...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Wedding Bliss!

Today, Aaron and I went to our cousing Joshua Baldwin's wedding to Niki Poulsen. It was fun being in the sealing room with all of our family reliving our own wedding day in our thoughts. Niki and Josh looked very happy and I wish the best for them. I remember feeling overwhelmed with happiness the day I was sealed to my sweetheart for eternity. He's my best friend and I simply can't do without him. There's nothing like kneeling across an alter and saying those sacred yeses to one another. I know Josh and Niki will always cherish that moment too.

Dad was, of course, completely irreverant. It bugs Aaron but I just find it funny to see him laughing under his breath with his brothers despite the fact that we're in the temple. He's the same way in chuch. Last sunday he gleefully made faces at me and wriggled his eyebrows from the stand. So much for the staid and wise Bishop facade he was so carefully building up.

Aaron stood behind me during the ceremony today and I could see in him the mirror in front of me. He looked so handsome. I am truly blessed to have him in my life and I was reminded of that today. Yay for being married!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Memorial Day Fun

Yes, this post is a little late.

Jessica and I went down to Kaysville and watched Kohner play soccer. I was tired, seeing as I had worked the night before. Annika and Easton (and their parents :P ) showed up towards the later half of the game. There was a jungle gym near by and fun was had by all.

I enjoyed watching polite "little" Easton saying " kyuze me" to every child he bumped into. The best was when the two sillies rode the slide.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Walking the Kitteh

The problem with having a cat is not having a place for it to do cat things such as eat grass, sniff various items, explore and act all tough.

Jessica and I decided to purchase a little cat harness with a lease for Shyla so we could remedy this little problem. Shyla has in the past attempted, and sometimes succeeded, to escape and roam free for a minute or two.

The harness is pink with some shiny reflective material on top. I call it Shyla's "bling". The leash is also pink. I went along simply because Jessica said "she's a girl"...I do feel less like a man holding it. However, I'm already walking a cat...

Our first, and thus far, only, attempt took place on Sunday after sacrament meeting. We actually skipped out on the rest. Long story. We took her to the park across the street from our apartment and decided the mostly wooded/secluded area would be the best.

Have you ever tried to walk a cat? Cats don't do walks...they do leads. They walk when they want to, where they want to and how they want to. She seemed to enjoy sniffing around and checking out the wildlife. Didn't like the creek so much. I believe this was her first time viewing moving water.

I wonder what attempt number 2 will be like...

Note: Skateboarders seem to be terrifying. She immediately went into "stealth/hide/possibly kill mode" upon hearing one cruise down the sidewalk.

i r not a goggie

mah hoominz bied a stopid goggie ting an put meh in it

an den tey mayk meh wok arownd

i has fun an tri 2 rund awae but it no werk

stopid goggie ting

i r a kitteh

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Marriage is pure felicity! Sure it can be tough learning to live and work with another person always around, sure we sometimes get on eachothers' nerves or hurt eachothers' feelings, but mostly, it is wonderful to have someone around all the time to play with, make decisions with, spoil, and love!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Perfect Picnic

Last Friday one of the managers of Lee's asked us if we wanted to work during the food show on Saturday (today). Jessica would be doing a demo on some food and I would be doing...whatever. Jessica said she'd do it if I did...so we agreed to do so!

Whew. What a tough six hours! Filling apple juice, cases of water and gatorade non-stop. Watching the festivities was quite enjoyable, as was visiting Jessica at her fajita station.

All in all a great experience!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ah, the pressures of being an adult. Eight hours a day, every day, just so that you can have three hours at home (that you spend coscious anyway). For me those three hours are often spent alone since my husband is sleeping (he works nights). Sigh. But enough complaining. That's what weekends are for right? To enjoy what you work so hard for. Sometimes I miss childhood, but then I think of repeating high school and I'm happy to be where I'm at.

I am so blessed when I think about it. I have a safe and steady home, a husband who loves me, family and friends near and far, and a small kitty that likes to purr and sit in my lap. What is it about a cat's purr that automatically relaxes and contents a person? My health is improving, though I doubt it will ever be really great but I can function each day so that's more than what it was. I like my job. I work for Filbies copy center and it's fun to run the machines and meet so many people. Today I got hit on by an old fat man. People are funny.

I'm glad that I can add to this blog. After all, Aaron's perspective can be skewed sometimes ;) so mine will help to balance things out. I love you, Baby!

dis b teh kitteh


Mai nam iz Shyla an dis b mai furt tym "bloggin" lolz!!!1! u c mai hoominz r on teh kompyuter lyk alwaiz. i iz teh qwen of teh uhpartmintz an teh hoominz gib me sum noms, rubz n petz and kissiz.

sumdae i tail u mor uhbowt meh but i iz redy 4 mah slepz!


Monday, May 11, 2009

The first of many

So here we are.

This will be quite the adventure for anyone who reads this. Where to start, where to start...

Well, Jessica and I have been married for almost 17 months now. I remember the first year and how every month seemed as if it was a miracle. The months are just flying by now. Oh, and just because we have been married for a year...DOESN'T MEAN WE ARE GOING TO HAVE BABIES SOON!

Quit asking or I will continue to fake everyone out now and then. Shyla is our baby for now and the ratses, too. If we do add to our little family it will either be...
1- another cat (yay)
2- a goggie (small one)
3- a ferret (should be interesting)
4- a small, human child

Speaking of Shyla.
She was declawed two weeks ago and has since recovered to her old obnoxious self. As much fun as it was to watch her tiptoe around the apartment on painful front paws I enjoy her craziness. No more worries about scratched furniture and wife. I am greatly pleased at the non painful results in provoking an attack out of her. Shyla, that is, not Jessica. Ha.

River still has a lump. Debating whether or not to have the vet remove it. Money is a cruel mistress. Velvet still enjoys playing with Shyla each morning. One of these days Shyla is going to kill her. That will be a traumatic day indeed.

Jessica is now working at both Filbies' locations...and there was much rejoicing. This will help to eliminate the last of the dreaded Hopstial Bills of Death (HBoD) and possibley put us into a larger apartment.

Which we need for the baby.

Ha. See, you deserved that one.
No, we just need more room. Not too sure if the awesome shag carpet apartment is going to work out. The renter is being odd and not returning our phone calls. Well, that is his loss. He is missing out on the best rentees in the world.

Jessica is being pwnd by her newly discovered Twilight addiction. We should all pray for her to over come this silliness.

Me, well, I'm still the same old loveable person we all know and worship. Love, I meant love. Graveyard is my life, sleep is my friend and Firefly is my distraction.

Until next time...dishes beckon.