Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Here we go again...

Jessica and I go to Petsmart each Saturday to visit the various animals for adoptions. She likes to visit the dogs while I, surprisingly, head for the kittens. I don't know why I do this. I would compare it to a person on a diet going to the bakery to stare at the doughnuts.

Now we have a two month old kitteh (I think she is even younger). We named her "Kaylee" from the character off of Firefly. Sweet and innocent...for the most part.

Shyla hates her. Hopefully things will calm down in a few weeks or it's bye-bye Kaylee.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

ai don't do "fetch"

hoominz sae goggies r smrt

but ai traynd mai hoomin to trow teh ball for meh

stoopid goggies

o rite
tis b wen ai wuz a itteh bitteh kitteh
lyk, won yeer ago

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Aaron and Jessica Plus 5 (without the drama)

One night at work there was a mouse running around the backroom. First so and so saw it, then another guy. Over there, now over here.

I finally saw the little guy running out in the open. I noticed how small it was compared to my huge ratses. Then I saw how it did a lot of things that the rats do- stand up on hind legs, sniff the air, wash whiskers with front paws, etc.

The next time a sighting was reported I did my best to catch the little bugger. I managed to do so, because I am awesome, without using my hands. I put the little guy in a box and showed him off to the coworkers. Some were screaming for its death.

I doubt I would have been able to kill the tiny thing before making the rat comparisons. AFTER that...no chance at all.

So I took him outside and let him go.

A week later I bought two pet mice.

The dark one is "Gus Gus" and the lighter one is "Fieval".

Shyla wants to eat them.